How to Use the Medical Library

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A Student ID/Staff ID card is needed in order to use the library.


All the books and periodicals of the Library are freely available to use. Replace them when you have finished reading.

Library Hours

Mon. - Fri. Sat./Sun./Holiday


When you use the Lending Service of the Library, present your library card to a librarian with the books and periodicals you want to borrow.

Ordinary loan

All Users ・5 books, within 14 days
・3 periodicals, within 3 days
・3 audio visual materials, within 3 days
・3 study-aid books, within 3 days


  1. Return books and periodicals on loan to the Circulation Desk on the first floor by the appointed day.
  2. If the library is closed, put them in the Book Drop outside the main entrance.

Renewal Of Borrowing

If you want to continue using the books and periodicals which you have borrowed, apply for a renewal of loan for one additional period, unless the books are overdue or have been reserved, in which case no renewal is possible.


When the books and periodicals which you need have been borrowed by others, you can reserve them with first priority.

Materials Not To Be Loaned-Out

Newly issued periodicals and reference books (such as indices, dictionaries etc.) may not be borrowed.

Prohibition Of Lending Service

If the books you have borrowed are overdue, you cannot borrow any book from the Library.

Copy Service

  1. The materials of the Library can be photocopied at the copying machine corners, according to the copyright law.
    Copying machines for coins
    Monochrome copy 10 yen per copy
    Color copy (except A3 size) 50 yen per copy
    Color copy (A3 size) 100 yen per copy
  2. For photocopies of the materials belonging to other libraries:30-100 yen per copy + postage.

Online Searching

Various information is offered on the Library Web Site. Online services are as follows: the Possession database of the books and journals of Saga University, electronic journals, scientific information in and outside the country, whole articles of Asahi Newspaper and Yomiuri Newspaper, etc.

Institutional Repository

This online service collects and publishes various kinds of academic and educational information produced at Saga University, with regards to bulletin papers, doctoral dissertations, etc.

My Library

"My Library" has the following menu:

  • Questions and Requests to the Library
  • Reservation to Borrow Books
  • Requests for Purchasing New Books
  • Reservation for Group Study Rooms
  • Copying Books and Requests for Inter-Library Loan (ILL)
  • Registration of Book Reviews (See OPAC)

Books Which Are Not In The Possession Of The Library

If the books and periodicals which you want are not in the possession of the Library, you can borrow them or take their photocopies from other libraries.

Use Of Other University Libraries

When you want to use other university libraries, apply for a "Perusal Permit for Common-use" at the Circulation Desk on the first floor.

Reference Service

The librarians directly answer all sorts of questions as to both technical and general matters such as historical persons and facts, bibliographical information, and so on. For further particulars, ask the librarians at Circulation Desk on the first floor.

Other Services

  1. No food or drinks are allowed in the library except for beverages in a bottle or container with a cap or lid.
  2. Use of phones are forbidden in the Library.
  3. Do not leave personal belongings at any time. Be careful of thefts.
  4. In the Library, be quiet and do not disturb others.